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  1. Agricultural Films

    Agricultural Films are manufactured from various materials including LDPE, LLDPE, Reclaim, ETA, and HDPE. They can be utilized as greenhouse, mulch or silage films. These are used in macro or walking tunnels, greenhouses, low tunnels, and silage stretch wraps & bags. They are highly resistant to press, binding, sunlight, corrosion, and water. The films protect the crops from harsh weather conditions and pests and they also improve the quality and nature of produce.
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  2. Agriculture HDPE Sheets

    We are engaged in offering Agriculture HDPE Sheets. The films are perforated with either.Agriculture HDPE Sheets are made of high-density polyethylene by the process of Blow Film which provides a balanced molecular orientation. These are prepared using high-quality virgin resins, which give them an excellent mechanical strength and very good chemical compatibility. The sheets are stabilized with the most advanced additives including chalk, talc, and clay. They are highly resistant to chemicals and ultraviolet degradation and are widely used in water tanks, fish breeding tanks, manure deposits, and containment lagoons.
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  3. Pond Lining Film

    Pond Lining Film is made from good quality polyethylene sheets. It is widely used to prevent leakage disposal in river banks, tunnels, ponds, reservoirs and liquid storage pools. The film has an excellent solderability and good extensibility with high strength. It prevents the excessive seepage of water to the soil and helps retain water level in the pond for very long time. It is available in different thicknesses such as 0.25mm, 0.5mm, and 0.75mm.
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  4. UV Protection Films

    UV Protection Films are designed to block the harmful UV rays and reduce heat & glare. These are known for their excellent durability and perfect finish and they are leak-proof and water-proof. They block more than 99% of harmful UV rays and thus protect furnishings, artwork, paintings, carpets, and floors from fading away. These films are also acknowledged for those people who have UV exacerbated skin disorders. They are highly resistant to delamination, cracking or adhesive failure for a long time.
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  5. Agro Mulching Films

    Agro Mulching Films are used in farming and agriculture industries to keep the soil moist and warm. They also assist in raising the soil temperature in soil bed and thus promote faster crop development. The soil water is retained for a long duration under mulch films so the irrigation is required fewer times. There is an optimal use of fertilizers and thus the wastage can be minimized. The yield is cleaner as the soil is not splashed on crops during irrigation.
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  6. Agro Pond Lining Films

    Agro Pond Lining Films make a barrier between the soil and pond water, which acts as a protective layer and helps avoid excessive seepage of water to the soil. They can be used for both freshwater and saltwater sources. These films are highly resistant to chemicals and harsh weather conditions so they are widely used in canals, wastewater, landfills, dams, and lakes. These are cost-effective and very easy to install.
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