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  1. Industrial HDPE Sheet

    Industrial HDPE Sheet is very stiff, non-leaching, and resistant to moisture, chemical, stain, odour, and most chemical solvents. It is used in various industries to make a number of products including pallets, shipping crates, machine bases, car washes, signs, mud flaps, plastic bottles, skid rails, and public restroom stall. It is available in two colors namely black and natural with both smooth and textured finishes. The sheet is also utilized for storage of industrial slurry.
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  2. Reservoir HDPE Sheet

    Reservoir HDPE Sheet provides protection to the lining of reservoirs against hazardous substances. There are many advantages of using HDPE sheet including good elasticity, easy welding to form large sheets, protection against UV rays, puncture & tear resistance and long-lasting nature. It is made of high quality HDPE & virgin polyethylene resin, and mixed with some additives such as carbon black, antioxidants, and UV resistance components. The sheet prevents contamination of landfill moisture with the soil.
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  3. Mine HDPE Sheets

    Mine HDPE Sheets have good resistance to low & high temperatures, UV, acids, chemicals and punctures. These are used in different municipal projects including underground subway and lining in the sewage pipes. They also find application in the petrochemical industry such as chemical plants, oil refineries, chemical reactions pond, and the lining of settling basin. The sheets are perfectly water-proof and ideal for preventing seepage. Sometimes they are also utilized for storage of industrial & agricultural slurries.
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  4. HDPE Water Management Sheet

    HDPE Water Management Sheet provides a variety of benefits including cleanliness, strength, durability and resistance to corrosion & different types of chemicals. This is used in water management facilities for several purposes including stoppage of water loss, reinforcement of lakes, protection of slopes, lining of tanks & fly ash ponds and irrigation systems. It has an excellent resistance to environmental stress, cracks, puncture, and chemicals. The sheet is also utilized in masking of radioactive wastes.
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  5. Gas Extraction HDPE Sheets

    Gas Extraction HDPE Sheets are made of high density polyethylene material which provides conformability, deformability, seam ability and weldability to the soil. These are extensively used in gas extraction sites to prevent any leakage in the environment. They are lightweight, resistant to puncture and have superior finish. These sheets prevent the contamination of soil from harmful gases that are being extracted from under the earth and save soil animals because of their non-toxic nature.
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  6. HDPE Tunnel Sheets

    The Mono Industries Hdpe Tunnel Sheets are resistant to puncture.HDPE Tunnel Sheets act as receiving surface for shotcrete on inner tunnel shells. They behave as a spacer component between the outer wall and the concrete inner shell of tunnels. These sheets create a continuous gap of air which allows free circulation behind the securely anchored surface. They are resistant to high impact and can resist long-term high pressure without deforming. The sheets can bear the weight of concrete bottom plate and its load as well as unavoidable outside pressure.
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  7. Wide Width HDPE Sheet

    Wide Width HDPE Sheet acts as a barrier and prevents tunnels from leakage and seepage. It is very strong and resistant to moisture, heat, and cold. It provides a protective lining to the tunnel and maintains high drainage capacity by avoiding obstruction of the void space around the dimples. The sheet has excellent compressive strength which is highly required in tunnels and other underground structures. It is also utilized in roads, parking lots, and bridges.
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  8. HDPE Protection Films

    HDPE Protection Films have high rigidity and are immune to attacks by microbes and fungus. They can be used for temporary protection of doors, wall, windows, radiators and furniture during painting and plastering. These films are non-sticky that is they do not leave any traces of adhesive after removal. The films can also be used in agriculture industries and greenhouses to cover plants for protection. They are good water-resistant and washable and prevents contamination or damage from rain or moisture.
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  9. HDPE Pond Sheets

    We are engaged in offering HDPE Pond Sheets. When it comes to quality...
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