Wide Width LDPE Sheets

Wide Width LDPE Sheets
Wide Width LDPE Sheets
Product Description

The development of today's world has wide usage of plastics in the field of- agriculture, industry, infrastructural projects, etc. In all the above applications, LDPE Film works as an impervious layer. Lining of ponds and reservoirs prevents losses due to seepage. Polyethylenes are one of the most useful indirect agriculture inputs, which provide additional potential from the water by preventing the seepage loss. They save gallons of potable and irrigation water, helping to bring about a new second "Green Revolution".



Major Applications


Ponds / Reservoirs

Polyethylene Geomembranes are extensively used for prevention of liquid contamination. They act as perfect liners to prevent contaminations from entering groundwater sources, as well as prevent seepage loss, and hence, help in potable water conservation. India has the largest amount of rainfall in the world. Despite this, India conserves only approx. 1% of rainwater, with the remaining amount of rainwater returning to the ocean, whereas the developed countries conserve approx. 15-16% of the available natural resources through rain /ice melting /river water etc. Indian farmers and many industries are totally at the mercy of rain god. Water bodies lined with Mono  Industries Geomembranes / Films have proved to be a boon and helped to reduce the dependence on the rain god.



Canal Lining


The conveyance of irrigation water in canal system often give way to water seepage and ultimately leads to loss of irrigation water. 70% of irrigation water is lost in a completely unlined canal. Mono  Industries not only offers a complete solution to this perturbing problem, but also offers the best method of repairing the existing deteriorated concrete linings.


Other Applications

  • Agricultural purposes

  • Lining of canals, distributaries, reservoirs, ponds

  • Lining of Industrial effluent plants, dunnage

  • Tunnels, trenches

  • Fish Ponds

  • Water-proofing for terrace gardens

  • Emergency shelter houses during natural calamities

  • For covering of food grains, fertilizers, cotton, chemicals, cement & constructions

  • Fumigation covers, cover Tops, tarpaulins, cap covers

  • Aprons & runways at airport

  • Concrete roads and bridges and other such uses

  • Sports stadiums

  • Salt pans

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